You are looking for a photographer couple that captures you and your day individually and uniquely? With all your emotions and the small and big moments? Then you could find it with us!
It is a matter of the heart for us that you also rely on quality for the pictures on your big day. After all, your celebration of love should be captured perfectly. A wedding consists of more than just the wedding ceremony and the couple photos.... All the beautiful moments are spread out from getting ready before the ceremony to the first dance in the evening. (A few wild dancing moments are then sure to happen during the night until the early morning). In order not to miss any of these moments full of happiness, tension, tears of joy and love, we always accompany you as a couple. Our two points of view unite to an emotionally charged, beautiful reportage, in which you can dive into your love and happiness again and again, even after many years. And your children and grandchildren can also experience this love story. For your wedding we are happy to travel throughout Europe and fly around the world.

Enclosed you will find answers to all your questions




How much does a wedding escort cost and what is included?

All images are included, the edited images are in high resolution and web resolution and you will receive a personal online gallery on our homepage. For further price information and an individual offer, please send us an e-mail.

In what style do you edit the photos? Also in black and white?

The photos are processed in natural and warm tones. Care is taken to ensure that the entire series has a timeless, modern look.
Of course you can also get your pictures in black and white on request.

How many photos do we get of our wedding?

You will get the best photos of your wedding day approx. 300 - 600.

Do you photograph with flash or with natural light?

Natural light is preferred for weddings. However, a flash unit is also often used when natural light is not sufficient and it is necessary.

How does it work with the online gallery?

Your personal online gallery will be activated approx. 2.5 weeks after the wedding. The gallery is of course password protected.

How far in advance should we book?

It is worth booking early. Many couples book between 6 months and 1 year in advance. But there are also often spontaneous requests.
Just get in touch as soon as you have your date.

Can we meet to get to know each other before booking?

Very much so! It's always nice to meet the couples in person!